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Discover How To Get Super-Targeted Traffic That Will Dramatically Increase Your Orders When Compared To Pay-Per-Click Search Engines...

Can we really promise that our traffic will always convert better than the major pay-per-click search engines? The fact is that we really have no idea. We no longer use those PPC search engines.

However, here is what one of our customers said about our traffic after doing a split test comparing us to a couple of our largest competitors:

I made back more than seven times my original investment of $200! That's what I call a windfall, a promotion that produces a huge profit percentage wise. The reason for the success is Marketing Blaster's organic search engine traffic methods, which generate visitors who are pre-targeted before they even see your ad.
People who are interested visit, request information, and most important, they buy!

Jonathan Mizel

Do those kinds of results interest you?

Are you tired of the Pay-Per-Click bidding wars?

So are we.  That's why our traffic is sold at a flat-rate of just 20 cents per visitor. We don't get into bidding wars.  We don't charge more for those "highly competitive" terms.  We don't force you to continually raise your bid to keep your advertisement displayed.  We simply charge 20 cents per visitor delivered to your site.  That's it.

Are you tired of dealing with click fraud and junk clicks?

So are we.  That's why all of our traffic is delivered from our own network of topical content  sites.  We aren't a publicly available search engine where your competitors can click on your ads just for fun.  Our sites are visited by people interested in the content on our sites.  They see your advertisement and if they are interested... they click on your advertisement  and go to your site.  It's that simple.

Are you tired of waiting for approval of your keywords for "relevance"?

Once you order, you will be provided a link to your administration page where you can enter your URL, keywords and ad copy.  There is no "approval" process.  We believe in treating you like our valued customer.  You know what keywords are relevant to your market.  Why should we get in your way?  We don't.  You enter your keywords and our system automatically distributes your advertisement to the sites and pages that most match your selected topics.  It's that simple.

Do you want to have to design a fancy banner or pay someone to do it?

Neither do we.  When you buy an advertising campaign with us, you just enter some words.  One of our listings looks very much like any search engine listing from the major search engines.  You have a single line that is clickable (underlined in blue) and two lines of non-clickable description.  You are allowed 100 characters to list your desired keywords.  Here is a sample of what your advertisement might look like:

The best Widgets In The World!  Only $19.95
We manufacture the very best widgets in the world and deliver them directly to your doorstep.  We offer free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Do you like to test your new traffic sources in small quantities before you commit to a long-term campaign?

Good.  That's why all of our initial orders are for 1,000 visitors.  Once you have a chance to see how well our traffic converts for your product/service, we'll send you an offer to extend your campaign.  If you say no (or if you just ignore our offer), your campaign will end automatically at 1,000 visitors with no further charges.  We want you to check out your results before you commit to a long-term campaign with us.  Initially, your only commitment to us is that you will give us a fair shot with a full 1,000 visitors before making your decision.

Are there a lot of long forms to fill out to get started?

We treat you like a valued customer.  We won't make you jump through hoops to get keywords approved or for anything else.  Your campaign will start within minutes of you placing you order.  There is only one form to fill out.  We just ask you for your name, billing address for your credit card, phone number, email address and credit card information.  That's it.

Are you tired of complicated systems to update your campaign once it starts?

Our system is extremely simple.  You receive an administration page where you can track how many visitors have been delivered to your web-site.  You can also easily change your website address, keywords and ad copy at any time right on the administration page.  It's that simple.

What's the next step?

The next step is yours.  Our minimum order is only 1,000 visitors at a flat-rate of 20 cents per visitor.  That is only $200 to get started right now.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.  Get out your credit card and click the link below to get your campaign started.


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